Multimedia-Connecting-Box for Audio 20 NTG4.5 and Comand Online NTG4.5 in Mercedes Benz vehicles


What the luukbox® can?

The luukbox® offers various multimedia additions to your vehicle. It will be controlled by original controlunits of your car.


Anwendungsbereiche Luukbox

Using the luukbox®

The luukbox® helps to expand the medial possibilities of your vehicle. The original display can show pictures and videos and can also be used for a upgraded rearview camera.

Luukbox Service

luukbox® service

The luukbox® you get from selected dealers who know all the possibilities. They can give you the best assist. About technical questions your are welcome to inquire via our contact form.

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The luukbox®

The luukbox® allows to connect various audio and video sources at the Audio 20 NTG 4.5 or Comand online NTG 4.5 system. The special feature: Everything is operated by the original controller in the center console and displayed on the vehicle's display.

By the mdia center which is integrated in the luukbox® music, pictures and videos can be played from a connected USB-stick. ID3-Tags will be shown at the display while playing music.

Furthermore analog audio and video sources (e.g. DVD-Player, DVB-T-Tuner, game consoles) can be connected. Connecting and using a rearview camera is also possible. The display automatically switches to the rearview camera by reverse gear.

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